Certificate Courses

The IAPEN Lifelong Learning Initiative provides stimulating, congenial, and varied opportunities designed specifically for lifelong learners in advanced clinical nutrition research.

In order to promote life long learning in basic and advanced clinical nutrition and to facilitate the academic pursuits of more number of clinical nutritionists, doctors, dieticians from the educational institutions, hospitals and health care settings, IAPEN announces various distance learning courses in clinical nutrition.

IAPEN also encourages chapters to start various certificate courses. Contact your local chapters for more information about IAPEN courses. 

List of Certificate Courses Offered by IAPEN

Certificate Course in Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition

Certificate Course in Critical Care Nutrition

Certificate Course in Obstetrics and Gynecology Nutrition

Certificate Course in Surgical Nutrition

Certificate Course in Oncology Nutrition

Certificate Course in Gastrointestinal Nutrition

Certificate Course in Pediatric Nutrition

Certificate Course  in Sports Nutrition

Visit: http://edu.iapenlll.com

Basic Qualification and Eligibility
Any Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree in any branch of education containing "Biochemistry" as one basic subject with laboratory can join the IAPEN lifelong learning courses. The decision was taken based on the diversity of the courses offered by Universities throughout India and to encourage more number of Nutrition Support Clinicians.

People without having Biochemistry basic subject can  also join the above courses after writing a written examination on "Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 2nd Edition, Albert Lehninger, David Nelson, and Michael Cox, Worth Publishers, Inc., New York, 1992" book.

About courses
The certificate courses provides an intensive, evidence-based, self-paced learning program that provides practitioners the latest information on implementing nutrition care in Indian hospital settings. The Course assisted by a National Nutrition Support Certification Board of IAPEN and experienced nutrition support clinicians from across the country, the program provides a balance of background information, current research and practical information. Kindly check the information booklet for course contents and modules.

How to Apply?
Candidates cannot enroll directly. Candidates have to mail their complete bio-data to info@iapen.co.in for more information about the course. One of the member of Nutrition Support Certification Board of IAPEN should check the bio-data and accept the enrollment of the candidate. Usually it will take minimum 3 working days.

Course Enrollment Dates
The course is offered throughout the year. Candidates can join at any time by sending their bio-data to info@iapen.co.in. Fee payment and other details will be sent only after approval from Nutrition Support Certification Board of IAPEN.

The candidates have to answer about 56 questions (Two Modules) in the first two months by referring to the course materials. The answers should be written on A4 sheets and each answer should be minimum 3 pages and each page should contain minimum 30 lines. If there is a diagram, then extra pages should be written. If the material is not sufficient to answer the questions, then other resources like Internet or expert opinion has to be taken. The assignments will help in understanding the Evidence Based Nutrition Practice (EBNP). The learning experience will improve based on how much time was being spent on learning these advanced concepts.

Project Work and International Publication
The course contains two months project work and publication. The candidates can mail their daily job routine and complete bio-data with list of interested topics to info@iapen.co.in for more information about the project topics and guidance.

Examinations will be conducted at respective chapters throughout India with the help of Regional Officers of IAPEN. The question paper for the examination will sent online by IAPEN on the day of the examination. The examination will be conducted by following the norms of the institution/hospital. The course coordinator will take printout of the question paper and conduct the examination. There will be one test at the end of the course containing all three papers and the candidate should clear the test in the first attempt. Greater than 85% is required for getting eligibility. Candidates scoring less than 85% can again write the examination after 15 days. The maximum period for completion should not exceed one year. The candidate can withdraw the course at any time but the fee amount will not be refunded. Provision for supplementary exam is made on regional officer’s discretion.

International Publication
IAPEN encourages all candidates to publish their project work in any international journal indexed by Pubmed or IAPEN Journals or ASPEN or ESPEN Journals.

Candidates can mail to info@iapen.co.in or candidates can also contact respective regional officers for clarification of their doubts. If they need clarification by expert then personal appointment with experts will also be arranged.     

For more information about courses, mail to info@iapen.co.in or check our certificate course information booklet.

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The IAPEN Lifelong Learning Initiative provides stimulating, congenial, and varied opportunities designed specifically for lifelong lea...

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